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Some of our patients are issued repeat prescriptions, which allow them to receive medication for a limited period of time without needing to have an appointment with the doctor.

The repeat prescription system is computerised and re-ordering is a simple matter. Attached to each prescription is a tear-off slip containing a complete list of your particular medication. Keep this and, when you wish to re-order, tick ALL the items you require in the next 28 days. Please bring the slip to the medical centre and allow two working days (48 hours) for the repeat prescription to be prepared. Please enclose a stamped addressed envelope if you wish the prescription to be sent to you. We do not take requests over the phone or via email as mistakes can occur. You can, however, order directly online. See the gateway on our home page

We are a pilot site for repeat dispensing (several months' supply of prescriptions being issued at once). Not everyone will be suitable for this service. However, if you require any further information, please ask at the desk.


Telephone: 01933 420777

We operate an advanced access system. The idea of the system is that the majority of appointments can only be booked on the day. This has the effect of freeing up appointments, the idea being that we will try and see all patients ringing in that day.

Patients asked to make a follow-up appointment with their doctor should wait until the day when their review is due. They should then ring the appointments line on 01933 420777 to arrange an appointment.

Due to demand there are a limited number of pre-bookable appointments available on Tuesday plus Saturday mornings four weeks in advance. These appointments are mainly for the benefit of patients who need to arrange transport and patients who work and find it difficult to attend at any other time.

Some patients may wonder whether this is a return to the open surgeries of the past. In fact, there are several important differences:

  • Patients will be given a time to be seen or telephoned

  • The advanced access system improves the chance of patients seeing their own doctor, when they need to, with benefits for both patient and doctor (continuity, rapport and more relaxed consultations)

  • The system makes the best use of the phone, which means that the patient can often sort out their problem without leaving their home or work. When you call, the receptionist will take a contact number and book a callback into the doctor’s surgery. All that we require is that you remain available at that number for 30 minutes either side of the time you are given.

Please Keep Us Informed

A significant number of our appointments are wasted by people not turning up. Please let us know if you are unable to attend.

If you change your name, address or telephone number, please inform the surgery as soon as possible. Please bear in mind there may be a possibility that your new address is in an area not supported by the practice. If you are attending hospital or waiting for an operation, you also need to inform the hospital of a change of address.


For information and advice on how to register as a patient, please contact the surgery and speak to the registrations clerk, who will be able to advise you on the system in operation.

Under the National Health Service you have to register with an individual doctor. However, our doctors are all partners in a group practice and you may see any doctor you wish. We would prefer that during any one episode of illness you remain with that particular doctor in order to provide continuity of care. Please inform reception if you have recently seen a doctor for a continuing or similar condition when asking for an appointment.


Should you need to see a doctor quickly and can come to the surgery, an urgent appointment will be arranged whenever possible. This is normally quicker than waiting for a doctor to visit after surgery. However, for truly housebound patients and those too ill to attend surgery, you may request a home visit by telephoning 01933 420777. PLEASE TELEPHONE BEFORE 10.30AM. Home visit requests after 10.30am should only be for urgent problems that have occurred after that time.

Home visits should be reserved for those genuinely housebound, or too ill to leave the house. An unnecessary visit during surgery hours is very disruptive to patients and doctors. The doctor may discuss your request with you over the telephone. A doctor can see at least four patients in the surgery in the same time it takes to see one patient at home. Please think carefully before requesting the doctor to leave the medical centre to attend you.


Telephone 01933 420777
The results of blood test, x-rays and other investigations organised by your GP arrive and have to be checked by the doctors late morning. Please telephone for details on Tuesday and Thursdays between 2.00 and 5.00pm on 01933 420777 (option 6).

The receptionists are not trained to interpret results and only pass on messages from the doctor. If in doubt, you can arrange to speak to the doctor concerned.

Owing to the legal requirement to maintain confidentiality, the receptionist can only give results to the patient concerned. Therefore, please telephone for your own result.


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